Fact: I have the stubbiest sausage hands ever.

Fact: I used to be a chronic nail-bitter.

Fact: I crack my knuckles ten thousand times a day.

Fact: I am obsessed with long, healthy beautiful nails that I will never have.

The Sausage Hands in Question

So that’s why when I read about LCN’s Magnetic Nail Polish I was drawn to it… literally. Just the name – Magnetic – made my head spin with fantastical questions (similar to Michelle’s inner manicure monologue). Does the nail polish attract metal? Will magical magnetic force fields be able to attract paperclips and thumbtacks on my desk? How do they make those cool patterns?

Look at that model’s fake hand – BEAUTIFUL – and the colors are so fun and fall and in! From left to right, on the top row: Iron Magic, Amazing Mauve, Fuchsia Attraction, Copper Seduction. And the bottom row: Ferromagnetic Blue, Green Temptation, Magnetic Moments and Nude Charm.  So to do a quick demo/tutorial I chose a bunch of fun, random colors.

Step 1. Shake the bottle.

Step 2. Apply 1 thick layer of polish.

I chose Ferromagnetic Blue to feed my inner “tweenysomething.”

Step 3. IMMEDIATELY hold one of the pattern magnets directly over the wet polish for AT LEAST 10 seconds.

Get it as close as you can without touching the nail.

Step 4. Gaze in awe as your diagonal or star design is revealed. Step 5. Repeat.

Check me out as I try all these funky color combos on my sausages!

Cute right? The star pattern is super fun too, but the stripe comes out better on my Blackberry camera.I have chosen Magnetic Moments as my favorite color. So that’s what I picked for my WHOLE left hand! It’s a seafoam, metalic, grey-ish greeny color that is cousins to Essie’s purply-grey “Merino Cool” and OPI’s taupy-grey “You Don’t Know Jaques.” You know, those fabulous muddy, always-transforming colors that morph with changing light are SO in for fall.What do you think of magnetic nail polish? Do I have sausage hands? Would you try this look? What color would you pick? Comment below!