By Shelby Jones, ISPA

Late August and early September means only one thing to many people – time to head back to school. We all know that anxious feeling of soaking up every last second of summer. The anticipation of a new adventure comes with the dread of shorter days, colder nights and an increased workload. It can seriously bum you out, and it can actually affect the way your skin behaves.

Whether you’re hitting the books or not, you want to look good doing it. It’s the perfect time of year to get a tune up in the form of a facial. Your skin can do weird things as the seasons change. If you’re oily you can dry out, and if you have sensitive skin, allergies usually flare up in the fall and added stress can cause breakouts.

To prevent acne, dry patches and slick T-zones, do your homework and find a spa that allows you to book time with an esthetician for some “schooling”. Booking blocks of time instead of a specific treatment is actually pretty common. It’s a guaranteed way to get the most customized spa experience possible. Your esthetician will ask you questions about how your skin behaves, how it reacts to certain ingredients and what kind of diet and lifestyle you maintain. All of these questions will help them formulate a facial and a routine that is tailored for your face.

During your treatment it’s your time to ask any and all skin-related questions you might have in order to educate yourself about how to care for your skin. You’ll be able to take the spa experience home with you and come back to the spa for an occasional facial to help maintain your progress. Visiting the spa will turn into your own personal infomercial just like the old NBC Saturday morning The More You Know PSAs.

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