Welcome to the Second Stop on the Wet Hot American Makeup Tour: Chicago! 5 days, 5 stops, 5 A-list makeup artists with their best summer makeup tips, 5 featured beauty items, 5 winners.  On this stop along the Tour, ENTER TO WIN a customized makeup session in Chicago with in-demand bridal makeup artist Sonia Roselli, along with a makeup and skincare prize package including ALL products featured on The Tour this week. (Click HERE for the original post about the Wet Hot American Makeup Tour.)

Sonia Roselli, Chicago-based Makeup Artist Offers Cheat Sheet for the “Sun Test” Sonia Roselli is one of Chicago’s most in-demand bridal makeup artists, and who better to shed some light into summer time makeup than the woman charged with helping brides realize their bridal beauty dreams – in stressful wedding-day conditions and sweltering summer time heat. Sonia to the rescue!

The most important thing when it comes to summer time makeup, according to Sonia, is to ensure your foundation or cream blush passes the sun test.

  • “Get some samples and take your testing out doors. If in the sun, the foundation doesn’t look like skin, then forget about it,” explains Sonia. “In all of my years as a makeup artist I haven’t found a foundation that passed the sun test until YOUR NAME® came out with its Radiance Crème Foundation SPF 15. Not only does this product pass the sun test, it includes a healthy dose of SPF 15, which is essential for the summer.”

Women also have a lot of trouble with their lip color in the summer, which according to Sonia, is a double-headed monster.

  • “Most women continue to use the same lip color in the summer that they do in the winter and they are so frustrated that the color looks much different and the texture is often a bit different, too,” explains Sonia adding that this color-confusion has more to do than the golden glow many women rock in the summer time. “What happens is that women often get a little sunburn on their lips, which affects the actual color of their lips and also leads to flaking. If a client is going to invest in only one product to summerize her beauty bag, I often suggest YOUR NAME®’s Pro Lip Primer SPF 15. It packs a triple punch: makes the lip gloss or lip stick longer-wearing, protects the lips from sun burn, and provides a beautiful plumping effect my clients adore.”

About Sonia Roselli (www.SoniaRoselli.com)
A make-up artist for over 20 years with global exposure and experience, Sonia Roselli has worked with the world’s most renowned designers, photographers and celebrities.  In 2000, she moved her expertise to Chicago, where she felt there was a need for professional artistry.  Since then, she has opened a make-up studio, launched a successful make-up line, trained hundreds of everyday women and professionals, and developed a cult-like following of her booming bridal business.  After being named Chicago’s best make-up artist by Chicago Magazine, she has developed a reputation as the Windy City’s most sought after artist.

Featured products (part of the prize package for all winners): YOUR NAME® Radiance Crème Foundation SPF 15 and Pro Lip Primer SPF 15



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