Come on Irene! With the largest hurricane in decades about to crash down on the East Coast this weekend, I hope all of you have a good flashlight, some good books to read, and are stocking up on all those non-perishables! But not just any non-perishables. See, since you’re going through all this trouble to survive the blackouts, 120 mile-an-hour winds and possible flooding in your very own home, you might as well be concerned about the kinds of canned foods you are stocking up on, and how they can affect your health long term.

BPA, AKA Bisphenol A, a chemical that’s been used in non-perishable food containers since the 60s, has been linked to a number of health problems: reproductive abnormalities and a heightened risk of breast and prostate cancers, diabetes, and heart disease. The FDA has been campaigning for brands to eliminate BPA in containers since 1999, and although many have reduced the amount of BPA in their containers, there are only a few canned product companies that have actually taken the initiative to eliminate it entirely (and not just say they did).

So, stay SAFE this weekend (in all respects!)… and stock up on BPA-free canned goods.

5 Trustworthy BPA-Free Canned Food Brands

Vital Choice

Eden of Organic

Native Forest

Oregon’s Choice

Trader Joe’s