Welcome to the LAST Stop on the Wet Hot American Makeup Tour: Long Island, NY ! We’ve been touring for 5 days, made 5 stops,  and introduced you to 5 A-list makeup artists with their best summer makeup tips, and 5 featured beauty items, and next week there will be 5 winners.  On this final stop the Tour, ENTER TO WIN a customized makeup session in LI with makeup artist Anne DeMarco, who has worked in fashion houses including Chanel, Christian Dior, St. John, and Donna Karan. You’ll also get a makeup and skincare prize package including ALL products featured on The Tour this week. (Click HERE for the original post about the Wet Hot American Makeup Tour.)

Anne DeMarco – Long Island Makeup Artist
Anne Reveals the Secret to Transitioning Summer to Fall Makeup: Bronzer! Summer time makeup is a tricky proposition. One thing to always remember is that the makeup is only going to look as good as the skin underneath, so Anne says the warmer months are a great opportunity to work on improving the condition of your skin, if it needs it.

Eyes: Remember, you don’t have oil glands underneath your eyes, so we definitely want to replenish that.” Anne says that finding an eye cream with SPF in it is like finding a diamond in the rough and suggests SKINSYNC’s Pro-A Age Defying Eye Treatment SPF 15.

Face:After moisturizing the next step for a summer face is primer. “Primer is like underwear for the skin. You put on your bra and panties, so you have to put on your primer,” Anne explains, adding that as important as this step is during the warm months, it’s a great habit to get into for the colder months. “Primer is always important. It’s going to leave your skin prepped for the makeup and give the makeup much better staying power – a true must have year round.” Anne says that her clients want to be as close to makeup-free as possible during the dog days of summer but the one thing they can never get enough of is illuminator.

Secret Weapon: If I was stuck on a desert island, I would need to have illluminator,” she says. “You put it on your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and what it does is lift your skin for an ageless, glamorous complexion. I – and all of my clients use it day and night. If I’m going to the grocery store, I put that on. It’s the number one most requested kind of product among my celebrity clientele and I love YOUR NAME’s Illuminator. It’s a silicone-based product so it gives a gorgeous glow without being oily – perfect for the dog days of summer!” Soon we’ll be transitioning to fall makeup and the worst mistake Anne sees people make is neglecting bronzer as the heat fades, “Our faces lose their tan earlier than the rest of the body and to not wear bronzer when the rest of your body is tanned is not a good look.”

Featured product (part of the prize package for all winners): SKINSYNC’s Pro-A Age Defying Eye Treatment SPF 15 and YOUR NAME® Illuminator


About Anne DeMarco www.rougemakeupstudio.com

Anne DeMarco has successfully run her own makeup company for many years, while also providing freelance service to a high-profile clientele. Always in high demand for her beauty airbrush makeup, for which she is extremely well-known, Anne is also often called upon to teach this special skill. In addition, she regularly runs beauty training seminars for a variety of corporate clients including Estee Lauder, Sephora and EOS Airlines, and has also worked with a number of fashion houses including Chanel, Christian Dior, St. John, and Donna Karan. Anne spent most of her life in the beauty industry, growing up in the business with a hairstylist mom. During her teen years, she spent many evenings and weekends in the salon assisting her mother and the makeup artist. Pursing a career as a Broadway performer, Anne attended the exclusive Boston Conservatory of Music where she studied musical theater and theater makeup. After several Broadway roles, Anne’s love for makeup and beauty led her to work behind the scenes, and she began assisting other established makeup artists in television, film and runway. Before launching her own makeup company, Anne was part of the team that opened Sephora.