The Showdown:Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, come one, come all to an epic hair-do showdown between two iconic men’s hair styles that are both making aggressive comebacks as we speak: the bird-esque Pompadour and the egg-ish Bald Head. With men’s spa treatments on the rise for Fall Spa Week, we’ve decided to take a look at these two trends in a head-to-head match-up. Hottest hair wins!

Pompadour: This 1950s trend gained popularity in the 1950s among rockabilly musicians and was made famous by music legend, Elvis. The bird-like coif sprouted up again atop John Travolta in “Grease” and Ralph Macchio in “The Outsiders.”

Who’s rocking the pomp now: “Grenade” crooner Bruno Mars channels his inner 50s grassroots jazz artist with a large hair flip that takes him from a measly 5’5” to an almost 6-foot stance. Rocking the fiery Pompadour is late-night Host Conan O’Brien, who’s ‘do is a part of the logo for his show on TBS. Flashy and flamboyant rocker, Adam Lambert has been known to sport the look along with gallons of eye liner and glitter.  Most recently, Lady Gaga’s alter ego, Jo Calderone showed up at the MTV VMAs with a greasy version as s/he sang, “You and I.”

Bald: In recent years, going bald has been a sign of premature aging and decreasing hotness. That is, until stars like Bruce Willis and Michael Jordan made going hairless a fashion statement. Now shaved melons are synonymous with mans-man celeb sex-symbols and hardened cop roles in tough-guy action flicks (and Britney Spears meltdowns).

Who’s clean shaven: Even though The Biebs rocked the baldness in February, Jake Gyllenhaal has followed suit, recently shaving his head for his new cop flick, “End of Watch.” Also going along with the movie role excuse: Joseph Gordon Levitt in the upcoming film “50/50,” Channing Tatum for “GI Joe 2: Cobra Strikes” and Matt Damon for his role in “Elysium.”

The Winner? In the end, whether your man sports the bare melon or the pouf, each look’s sexy factor is truly determined by the confidence of the man.

The Loser? While usually known for his deliciously dirty locks, Robert Pattinson definitely loses this hair battle royal as he was recently spotted with a combo of both trends atop his otherwise lovely cranium:

Sorry Rob.