By Shelby Jones, ISPA

Showers can be so boring. You lather, rinse, repeat… and repeat every single day. If you’re looking for the ultimate shower experience (and we know you are) then head to your local spa for a Vichy shower. This shower offers you a chance to relax through the healing element of water instead of rushing to get out of the door.

You might be surprised to learn you can actually get a decent massage from water jets, but it’s true. The Vichy shower is also used in many mud-related treatments since it’s a relaxing way to rinse off. The Kohler Waters Spa in Kohler, Wisconsin (participating in Spa Week this Fall) is an excellent example of a spa that’s made a name for itself by utilizing water elements in its treatments.

A Vichy shower treatment uses several water jets of varying temperatures and pressures that are applied while lying on a waterproof cushioned mat. It’s often followed by exfoliating treatments like a salt-glow scrub. And, just because it’s a shower doesn’t mean you have to be naked. A towel is draped over your lower body at all times, and your therapist will never compromise your modesty.

Deep Sea Spa-ing, including Vichy Showers, is one of Spa Week’s top 10 treatment trends for Fall 2011.

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