New York’s Fifth Avenue windows are something of a sartorial climax. Each season, or in some cases each week, the sweeping windows along that famous avenue transform to represent the best new designers, the hottest trends, and, oftentimes, turn fashion into fantasy.

Well, that fantasy just got REALLY real for the eight new “Faces of 5F” – the young women who recently won Bergdorf Goodman’s non-model model competition. After a few rounds of competitive photo shoots, these gorgeous women were selected as the winning faces of 5F Fall ad campaign, will be featured in the pages of Lucky Magazine’s October issue, and are currently posing in a life-size photo behind what are arguably the most prestigious pieces of glass on all of Fifth Avenue.

Congratulations to the (oh so naturally!) beautiful winners, including my friend Natasha – how cute is she!? In the spirit of BG’s 5 Questions column that they do with their designers, I had 5 questions for Natasha, who runs a PR firm in NYC, about her journey becoming one of the faces of the iconic contemporary fifth floor shopping mecca.

Spa Week Daily: What was it like getting photographed for Lucky Magazine?
SURREAL. I am so used to be the one organizing a photo shoot, not being the one who is being dolled up!

Did you get to pick your outfit for the shoot? Who styled you?
I did not get to pick it. I ended up in a Rachel Zoe piece which I LOVED because it was the most girlie one. Plus the dress had subtle sparkles in it. I actually can’t remember who styled me, but she was SO fabulous.

Are you randomly hearing from people you haven’t heard from in years?
Absolutely! I didn’t realize I had so many “friends”

Hey PR girl, was one of the reasons you did this for PR for your PR company… and is it working?
I actually did it to try to have one more out of the box thing I have done in my life. I applied and never thought I would get this far and then BAM, there I am in the window at Bergdorfs!

And because we’re obviously obsessed with spa around here… what’s your all time favorite spa and spa treatment?
I really love Bliss Spa. They are really convenient for me, which is key. You can never go wrong with a swedish massage. I could go for one right now with all the stress of fashion week!

Meet all the lovely ladies below!

New York, NY
An enthusiastic fashion publicist, Natasha promotes start-up designers with her pr-savvy and genuine gusto.  Although she’s already completed four marathons (including Boston and New York), she hopes to soon become a triathlete.  When she’s not training, Natasha enjoys ballet classes… and playing a mean air guitar duet with her neighbor across the way.  Natasha’s New York City Secret? A Cambodian/Filipino dive in the Flatiron District (we’ll share it just as soon as we can find it).  You can follow Natasha’s tweets at @nhmediaprgirl.

Doylestown, PA
In addition to hosting a radio show in Kenya, Muthoni runs a fashion blog called Fashion Beauty Insight where she shares her enthusiasm for western fashion with her friends in her native Nairobi.  She also shares organic skincare recipes on her YouTube Channel.  You can follow Muthoni on twitter at @gabrillemwangi.JUSTINE
New York, NY
Little sister to four older brothers, Justine cooly blends her southern Mississippi charm with tomboyish flair.  An account executive for Rag & Bone, Justine enjoys walking the Highline home from work and catching an aperitif in the West Village.  Her New York City Secret? one day she’d like to live in Brooklyn.

Overland Park, KS
Proud mother to aspiring jewelry designer and Parsons student, Brady, Shelly first shocked us in a sleek leather shift accessorized by her son’s designs; she later dazzled us when trying on one of the glittering samples for next week’s photo-shoot.  Shelly first hit our radar when Brady began posting about her on our Facebook Wall; of course it was Brady who encouraged her to enter… which didn’t surprise Shelly too much.  Style is in their family history: Brady’s grandmother was a model for Coco Chanel.AMY
Charleston, SC
Amy first shaved half of her head three years ago after being inspired by model and style icon, Alice Dellal.  Currently living in Charleston, she spends her days as a sales rep for Juicy Couture and free time working with the Art Institute of Charleston.  She also has a penchant for DIY: her necklace was made from a findings from an army surplus store. You can follow Amy on tumblr at The Style Blazer.

New York, NY
Fresh off her flight from Paris (she rescheduled her ticket to make yesterday’s casting), Meghan left her job as a tech analyst to consult with start-ups; one day she hopes to help women build businesses in developing countries.  When not browsing downtown shops for vintage handbags, you may spot her in one of her sweet-serving New York City Secrets: Baby Cakes, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Dylan’s Candy Bar, David Burke Townhouse or the Vosges Barcelona Bar.

Philadelphia, PA
Standing at just 5’3″, Sarah is our tiniest Face of 5F… which only confirms that height has nothing to do with style.  Already she’s a contributor to the popular fashion site, Style Salt, while maintaining her own Philadelphia street style blog, Style Nymph.BRIGID
Westchester, NY
The youngest of seven, Brigid shocked the judges when sharing that she once was a competitive Irish dancer.  When not studying textile development at FIT, she enjoys kayaking down the Hudson with her dad and baking.  Her New York City Secret?  Taxicab conversations.  You can follow Brigid on twitter at @bridiechillemi.

A peek at the windows