Therapy comes in many packages.

There’s the kind that comes while sprawled across a psychologist’s brown leather couch, the kind that sinks deep into your deepest tissues on your favorite spa‘s massage table, and the kind that takes place when your child looks at you, smiles, and says “I love you” .

Therapy also comes in little containers, when you discover a new lotion, bath scrub or scent that becomes an instant pick-me-up, making you feel delightful. “Choose your mood” is the concept behind Lifetherapy, a delicious-scented luxury bath and spa brand founded by a woman with taste so exquisite that she helped Oprah curate her Favorite Things for years: Lynette Lovelace. (And is that not the most enviable married name you’ve ever heard or what?)

“We are all a bunch of layers of feelings, lifetherapy has many layers, and I am at the beginning of my layers unfolding. My brand is my story”. –Lynette Lovelace

Are you ready? It’s time to choose your mood. Each mood corresponds to a different scent, and is available in Lifetherapy lotions, cremes, oils and scrubs (all of which I’ve tried and loved). The products are paraben free, mineral oil free, antioxidant rich, and perfumes are alcohol free. Lifetherapy uses the highest concentration of fragrance allowed in her products, so it lasts on your skin longer than usual, but is somehow not overpowering at all.

As this is a lifestyle brand, Lynette is working on integrating more and more types of products into the collection. The first non-beauty item is  a line of silk “positivity wrap bracelets,’ each with signature turquoise stones to symbolize friendship, wisdom, vibrant growth, courage and good fortune.

When getting to know Lynette Lovelace over a press breakfast a few weeks ago, I learned she been through considerable hardships dealing with the health of her children – something that truly breaks my heart to even think about, for anyone going through such a thing. But Lynette has let this fuel her empowering, calming and positive attitude, and being a longtime product-junkie and retail shop owner, ultimately launching the brand of her dreams; one that embodied all the little therapies that she needed in her life.

And as it turned out, many others needed them too.

Her line is sold in select high-end spas around the country, as well as Henri Bendel. Products range from $18 for a hand creme to $38 for a pulse point oils and $40 for ultra rich body creme. Now go to therapy!