SHHHH… do you know my little secret? Well, if you saw this season’s promo video below (or have watched my Live Spa TV segment about plastic surgery on the go), you know that I mayyyyyy occasionally get my upper lip plumped. The lovely Dr. Berdy over at SmoothMED in NYC numbs me up, injects a 1/4 syringe of Prevelle, and VIOLA, volume. Addicted, maybe slightly! It’s just an ever-so-subtle adjustment that gives me that extra kissable fullness I crave, and I’ve yet to find a down-side. The procedure takes all of 10 minutes, lasts 2-3 months, you don’t even need an appointment, and during Spa Week you can try it for just $50 (as opposed to the usual $200).

Well, our Gorgeous on a Dime’r Jenna has a little bit of a different perspective on things. And that is fair – it’s one of the reasons we love having various voices here – you will not always agree with me! Check out her feelings on her thin lips and her secret to getting the plump look, sans injectibles.

By Jenna Nicole Levine, Woman Around Town

On more than one occasion I have alluded to the fact that due to my thin lips, I tend to wear lipstick on my teeth. Full sexy lips have become a standard with celebrities like Angelia Jolie, and Kim Kardashian being the beauty ideal. The full sexy pout these celebrities sport on the red carpet leaves women worldwide (and me) searching for a way to replicate their flawless appearance. Both surgical and non surgical lip enhancement has become a booming industry with procedures such as collagen and restaylne injection increasing in popularity. These procedures are effective, but can cost thousands of dollars on a yearly basis. (When it’s not Spa Week, that SmoothMED procedure at $200 a pop, 5-6 times a year, really adds up.) Additionally, you run the risk of infection, allergic reaction, and the possibility of looking more like Lisa Rinna than Angelina.

Many of us have been suckered into the trap that is plumping lip gloss. These glosses promise us full sexy lips; however either they do virtually nothing, or the ingredients mainly act as an irritant which will cause lip tissue to plump, but may leave the area around the lips itchy, blotchy and red. To boot, these glosses can run upwards of $40 for a single tube.


Instead of purchasing a high cost gloss that creates full lips by creating an allergic reaction, use the magic of makeup to create an illusion.

Your first step in using makeup to create a full pout is selecting a color that is similar to your own lips. The color similarity not only enhances your natural beauty, but will create the illusion of enhanced size. After applying one coat of lipstick select a lip pencil in the same color family as your lipstick and line only the outer edges of your lips. Be careful not to go outside of your lip line as this will only make your lips look unnatural. Lastly, apply a high shine gloss or a dab of Vaseline. The light will reflect off of the shine creating a fuller lip. If you are in a rush, simply using a high shine gloss will help lips appear a bit fuller.

So, what is your trick to fuller lips? Do you have a gloss that really works? Or would you get them plumped professionally, or stick to lip pencil and Vaseline?