By Mary Rambin

To me, Vegas is more than poker and all-night parties. I’m really only there for Spearmint Rhino. Kidding! I like to spend all night wining and dining at one of the many fabulous restaurants and all day melting away at the luxurious spas. For years I’ve headed straight to Canyon Ranch on the top of the Venetian. If you’re a “spaddict” and haven’t experienced one of their resorts (Michelle blogged Canyon Ranch Miami last winter), you’re missing out. However, when the Aria finally opened, I thought such a expansive property must have a spa facility to knock my robe off.

I will not tell a lie and say their spa is THE BEST on the strip, but what I can tell you, is that you can pinch EVERY PENNY out of your treatment fee.

Let me explain. I called ahead to see what facilities (steam room, sauna, etc) they have. The kind receptionist said, “you will have access to the pool, the gym, and all of the specialty rooms.” SCORE!  My 5 star hotel, I won’t name names, had a small gym and no pool to speak of (if you know Vegas, you’ll guess it). So I planned to spend my whole day at the Aria for the price of one massage!

First I hit the gym. As an avid gym rat, I’m not happy without at least an hour workout to detox after a night of heavy Vegas intox. Most gyms in Vegas will charge you an entrance fee, even if you’re a guest of the hotel. More importantly there are two unique qualities to this gym: natural light floods through the wall of glass AND it’s populated. Other people are there working out so I could fuel myself off of their motivation. Because let’s be honest, in Vegas, no one really wants to be in the gym. The equipment is new and clean, and even had a legit spinning bike for me to conquer my cardio. If you really need an extra kick in the butt, they also offer group fitness classes.

I’m sure you’ve guessed my next move was to the pool where I ordered a lime beverage to recharge my energy (gatorade, margarita, they’re the same color). An hour nap by the pool would have been nice, but I decided to people watch instead. It’s Vegas; the crazy characters walking around there are priceless!

When I went up to the spa itself, I found it to be modern and minimal. Spas these days don’t really have an ambiance, have you noticed? I slipped on my delicious robe and found my way to the steam room where I sprawled out and commenced detox 2 for the day. After my muscles were thoroughly heated and I gave my body a quick rinse, I headed into the massage with John. As an athlete, I often opt for the intense deep tissue massage that often can be more painful than pleasurable. John was able to find a nice middle ground so I could doze off as he rubbed my aching feet. They offer an array of Thai massages but sometimes the straight ahead deep tissue or aromatherapy wins me over for its simplicity.

Afterwards he led me to the Shio Salt Relaxation room which cleans out your lungs, but it was too bright in there for me. Instead I de-robed again in “hot stone room” which is technically called the Ganbanyoku beds. The Aria is the only facility in the US to offer these traditional Japanese stone beds that enhance your circulation and metabolism. Wait, there’s more!  Other relaxation areas include: soaking pools, a fireside lounge, and co-ed infinity pool.

Needless to say, after the entire day at the Aria, it’s a miracle I was able to walk out of there on my own two feet.

Bottom Line: If there’s availability, book the reservation and enjoy an entire day at the Aria.

And this isn’t the first time a guest blogger recommended this!  Check out Sarah Berkley’s review of the Spa & Salon at ARIA.

Their $50 Spa Week treatments this Fall are:

  • 50 Min Seaweed Wrap
  • 50 Min Signature Exotic Manicure

The Spa & Salon at ARIA is located at 3730 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada. Call 702.590.9600 to book your appointment (and all-day relaxation) now!

Mary Rambin of is a professional blogger and travel features writer for The Houston Chronicle. In NYC, she co-founded NonSociety and produced a weekly web series called TMI Weekly. Now she trains small businesses in the basics of social media amidst her travels all over the world.  Follow Mary on Twitter at @MaryRambin.

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