By Jenna Nicole Levine
One of my favorite pastimes is looking at photos of celebrities caught in real life — without makeup.  It feels satisfying to see stars at the grocery store with pale skin, messy hair and noticibly without their long, lustrous <cough> fake <cough> eyelashes.  It is amazing to see the difference full lashes make: eyes sparkle, brows pop, the face looks awake and pulled together. After examining celebs with and without — I can now say I chose eyelash extensions over cheek implants any day! Except for the one, small fact that the cost of one, that’s right, literally one “eyelash” can run upwards up $20! I personally cannot afford to spend $500 on my eyelashes and I avoid Latisse because the threat of ‘permanent eye discoloration,’  scares the bejesus out of me.

That’s why the perfect time to try out lash extensions is during Spa Week! Spas like  Albina’Spa in NYC, U. Boutique & Med Spa in Plano, TX and Winx Beautique in LA and many more are offering FULL eyelash extensions for just $50 bucks a piece! Go to and use the drop down bar to search for Eyelash Services in your area. In the meantime, I have found three different products to tide you over until Spa Week, October 10 – 16: a mascara, a nighttime trick, and an awesome pair of glue on falsies to help you fake it to make it.

The MascaraBlinc Mascara, $25

I generally wouldn’t recommend a $25 mascara; however this product is so awesome — I had to share.  The tag line, “stop painting your lashes, tube them” describes how this miracle works. Blinc forms tiny water-resistant “tubes” around your lashes rather than swiping on gunk like you do with conventional mascaras. It lengths your lashes and won’t smudge throughout the day. When you are ready to take your makeup off for the evening, you simply use lots of water and gentle pressure to entice the tubes to effortlessly slide off . Upon removal you will actually see little tubes in your hand.

The Nighttime Trick: NOW Foods 100% Pure Castor Oil $6

I recently had a friend share with me of this bedtime trick and I was totally skeptical at first… until I scoured the internet looking for reviews.  Apparently, numerous women found that castor oil not only lengthened their lashes, but also made them fuller. Apply after you wash your face before bed by using an old mascara wand or a cotton swab to brush the castor oil through your lashes from root to tip. In the morning wash your face with a mild soap.  Only use this treatment 2-3 times per week, and first test on a small patch of skin to make sure you won’t have a reaction.

The Falsies: Shu Uemura Feather False Lashes $26 per set

These are the Chanel of the fake eyelash world, and are still less than regularly priced professional extensions. Shu Uemura’s soft, thick lashes with feather tips are so sexy and glamorous you will feel like whole new person, and if you don’t like em’ you can take them off (unlike semi-permanent applictions).  If you treat these falsies right, you can even re-use them for multiple evenings!

In the past few months I have shown you how to smile with pride, plump your lips, and treat your feet. I hope you are all going into the Fall Season looking beautiful.  For any additional questions, comments, or topics you would like me to explore please feel free to direct message me on twitter @Jenna_Nicole.  Lastly, don’t forget to book your $50 spa treatments!!!!

Jenna Nicole Levine is a native New Yorker turned Washingtonian. When she isn’t writing about ways to save you cash on your favorite beauty treatments, you can find her living the low cost life. To read more from Jenna Nicole please visit Woman Around Town, Gal Time, or just stop by and say hello on her twitter @Jenna_Nicole.