It’s no secret that what you eat affects our health and skin – those of you who took Dr. Perricone’s 3-Day Eat for Beauty Challenge are well aware. But sometimes, it also affects your entire workday. Like today, when I decided to dig into the boxes and boxes of DOLE goodies that we have in the office and eat 2 packages of DOLE Real Fruit Bites to hold me over for a lunch that may or may not happen.

This latest snack of theirs is something I personally have become obsessed in the past year since we’ve started working with DOLE. They come in mango, apple or pineapple (my favorite are the Mango Chunks – see proof above) and are coated in yogurt and toasted with whole grain oats. They have a half gummy half hearty texture the lends itself well to the delicious/nutritious thing they’ve got going on. I just had Kim try them for the first time, and she said “they’re kind of like miniature granola bars” and that she’s “never had anything like it before”. Looks and texture-wise, they kind of remind me of those dinosaurs that used to hatch in your oatmeal as a kid. Remember? No? Anything? Oh childhood, you were fun.

These little chunkeroos are a great source of Vitamin C and come in perfect portions for a little guiltless snacking bliss. DOLE prides itself in providing its customers with high-quality foods, and is a leader in nutrition education – have you ever visited the Nutrition Institute on their website? Learn the health benefits of what you’re putting in your body!

Now, as you sit at your desk munching on something far more mediocre, enter our DOLE’s Fall Bliss Sweepstakes – for the chance to win an Ultimate Relaxation Package, including:

  • A tote bag filled with relaxing essentials:
  • A cooling eye mask
  • Aromatherapy lotion
  • Microfiber hair towel
  • A collection of DOLE Real Fruit Bites
  • A $100 Spa Week gift card!

5 Runner-Ups will also receive a collection of DOLE Real Fruit Bites and a $25 Spa Week Gift Card.

Be sure to check out this and all our other giveaways going on now too… and don’t be too jealous that your office doesn’t have an endless supply of Dole.