So… this challenge was admittedly a bit complicated. Dr. Perricone’s 3-day skin care diet isn’t something you can just decide you’re going to do at the drop of a hat, like ditching soda for 2 weeks. No, this challenge requires a very strict mindset, flexibility when it comes to your usual dining habits, a hefty food shopping spree, and some skills (or at least a general willingness) in the kitchen. Considerable time and planning are involved, and I’d first like to say congratulations to everyone who committed to giving this challenge a shot.

When I did Dr. Perricone’s 3 day skin care diet myself, I can recall awkwardly declining dinner invitations (or more awkwardly, all the good things on the menu), refusing condiments and any topping or sauce not on the list, and getting REALLY sick of salmon. I mean, salmon for 5 meals in 3 days is a bit nuts! And nuts – nuts can serve as a dessert replacement sometimes, but I missed sweetness. Berries helped, but I wished they had a dollop of frozen yogurt. My 3-day diet took over my life for three whole days.

However, what I can recall more clearly than all of these struggles are A) the fact that I was able to maintain such exquisite self control when I put my mind to it, B) those glistening results that appeared on my face and C) how skinny I felt to boot! Eating such a pure and wholesome foods for three days is QUITE a rewarding experience.

Now, I was a little upset to see how few of you posted on our event page about your results. I hope more of you were able to carry out the challenge than it seemed, and that maybe you just forgot to keep us posted. But if not, it’s okay if you didn’t get to do it in these past two weeks as you had planned. I do encourage you to do this challenge at the time it’s right for you! Be it before your wedding, or starting this Sunday. Whenever it is, we’d love to hear from you.

That being said, I’d like to announce the 2 winners of the $50 Spa Week gift cards who took part in the Perricone Challenge Facebook Event, who also happen to be seasoned “Perriconistas”:

Crystal H:
“My skin has a glow to it like when you oil on your skin in the shower I dont have the red cheeks like i usually do my skin tone is even all around and even the blue veins have disapeared. I love this. AND I FEEL AMAZING, MY ARTHRITIS IS VIRTUAL GONE AND IT IS RAINING! I look amazing but also i have been doing this for 3 months now. I bought the Dr. Perricone book”

Theresa M. H.
“Sooooooo looking forward to my 3 day challenge, even though I have been a Perriconista 3 tier-philosophy follower for many years, I always see improvements each time I begin a wonderful challenge such as this … I am going to take a before and after close up picture and keep an emotion and food journal throughout my 3 day, I hope many of you do too, and that we will be able to share … Perricone lifestyle, always a very positive and wonderful experience!! Perriconistas(os!) always an amazing group of inspirational and beautiful people!! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and good luck to all participants!!”

Congratulations you two, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, and please contact michelle at spaweekmedia dot com to redeem your prize!