By Sarah Jenks

Would you ever read a book and dance at the same time? How about file your nails while you’re at a concert? Or talk to your mother while you’re getting a back massage? (Or drink while you’re peeing?)

Never. Right?

Then how come we read, text, email, drive, watch TV while we’re eating? Eating is just as enjoyable and important as doing one of our favorite activities. In fact, many of us who have weight problems claim it’s because food just tastes so good! If it tastes so good, shouldn’t we be paying attention to it?

When we eat with distractions, our brains aren’t registering that we’re eating and our physical signals that tell us we’ve had enough, just don’t function.  Plus, if our brains don’t know we’re eating because we’re engrossed in the latest episode of GLEE, our digestion won’t turn on and our food will just sit there decomposing in our bellies giving us gas, indigestion and chubby thighs.

Eating while checking our email prevents us from tasting our food, and then we’re never satisfied, always wanting to eat more, get a sugar fix, a snack from the vending machine or another serving of cereal.

So turn off the TV, put down your book, eat breakfast at home NOT when you get into the office  give your food the attention it deserves.  Really enjoy, savor and relish in every amazing bite you take, and I bet you will start eating half of what you usually do.

Sarah Jenks, founder of, helps women fall in love with their bodies and lose weight through exploring the emotional reasons of why we eat.

Sarah believes that you can talk about the benefits of broccoli until you are blue in the face, but real change won’t happen until we pull back the veil of fad diets and calorie counting to reveal the true cause of our over eating. Feeling lost about weight loss? Visit her website to download her free guide: “What to do if you feel fat, hopeless and ready to give up.”