There can only be a few reasons Carrie Bradshaw and the ladies of Sex and the City defied the aging process while living New York for all those years. One is the magic of television, and two is the free-radical fighting facials at Fresh.

Your skin (and love life) can take a beating living in a polluted city like NYC.  Think about it: cigarette smoke, car fumes and whatever that mystery cloud is coming from beneath the sewer drain. It’s a scary place out there for your skin! When dirt, dust and smog come into contact with UV rays, they create what are known as “free radicals.” Now that may sound like some hot new indie band that Samantha has VIP tickets to see, but in fact, free radicals actually attack your skin. Want to know how you can ward off these toxins and look just as good as SJP and her BFFS?

Fresh is here to the rescue during  Spa Week. Fresh’s three Facial Experiences are designed to protect against aging caused by free radicals. They smooths fine lines, deliver potent antioxidants and stimulate collagen synthesis. Air and water pollution (and the occasional Cosmo) can cause fine lines and wrinkles and not to mention, can suck your skin dry. Fight back a one of our 5 Spa Week locations in New York, Texas, California and Nevada. Fresh’s $50 treatments promise to leave your skin refreshed and invigorated… like a girls’ weekend in the Hamptons.

  • 45 Min Umbrian Clay Purify & Balance Facial Experience
  • 45 Min Black Tea Age-Delay Facial Experience
  • 45 Min Ancienne Ultimate Age-Delay Facial Experience