Last week I got a chance to visit Exhale Mindbodyspa (did you see them on NBC last week?) and try out two of their Spa Week treatments: a Smart Peel and Core Fusion/Yoga (most locations are also offering a Pure Manicure and Pure Pedicure Experience, too!). My skin has never looked better and my buns haven’t felt that worked in a long time — talk about a mind-body combo!

At the Upper East Side location – my first stop was meeting Shannon, one of Exhale’s top estheticians. She lead me to the luxurious “locker room” where I snuggled into a fuzzy robe and comfy sandals. Then, I made my way to the relaxation room- a dimly lit seating area with soothing tunes and comfy couches. When it was time for my peel, my worries about the stigma behind the scary word “peel” were put to rest as Shannon walked me through every step of the process – from the cleansing, hot towels, to the chocolate-scented peel and a nice shoulder rub – the appointment was truly stress-melting and informative.

After a quick change into my yoga clothes – I met with Madison and Stefanie to learn about the mindbody classes being offered for Spa Week. For just $50 you have the choice between two 5-packs of classes: core fusion, a Pilates-bar-cardio-strength class aimed at lengthening and toning or muscle-stretching and firming yoga. I tried both! Both women are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful – being a little intimidated by the term “Core Fusion” – Madison helped me, hands-on with the moves and positions. Plus, it was really great to hear that I wasn’t the only one getting the VIP treatment – the girls told me that Exhale makes it a practice give all of their clients personalized attention during mindbody classes. So comforting!

After breaking a sweat (in a modified session, no less) Stefanie introduced me to some classic yoga poses with a cardio twist – downward dog with leg-lifts to get for heart pumping and rapid-fire jumps and planks really burned some cals.  The best part about these classes is that each comes in a 5-pack and you have SIX (6!) Months to feel the burn!

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