HERE’S THE STORY: A few months ago, I, Michelle Joni Lapidos, the editor of Spa Week Daily, was invited on an all-expenses paid spa exploration vacation to the Czech Republic. A dream! If not for one small complication: It fell during the ONLY time of year I can’t get away: Spa Week. I had to turn it down. Taking the knife slowly out of my heart, I had the option of sending someone in my place to cover this trip on Spa Week Daily. For your sake, I didn’t want YOU to miss out on discovering this Eastern European land, rich with unusual spa and wellness traditions, so who to pick? I chose none other than Jessica Lapidos, who happens to be my sister, whose credentials to fill my shoes as both a blogger and traveler are definitely in, er, Czech. If it couldn’t be me, I’m most certainly thrilled for Jessica to experience this once-in-a-lifetime spa journey! CZECH IT OUT as she unveils all the exciting details below.

Czech it out. While you’re taking yourself to the spa next week for $50 treatments all over the US, Spa Boy @OzSultan and I, @JessicaLapidos are fleeing the country for a week of spa with the EuroSpaClub, compliments of Czech Tourism, in search of new treatments previously unearthed in the states. We’re heading to the Czech Republic, to their own famed spa towns of Karlovy Vary (or Carlsbad to us), Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad), Chodová Planá and Loket, where natural springs are chock full of healing minerals, and the art of spa has been evolving for centuries. Here’s a sneak peek at the places we’ll go and the treatments we’ll be discovering together. We’ll be living with the European mentality of taking a spa vacation to truly revive our bodies and minds.

In Marienbad, we’ll be exploring the effect of peat on our bodies. Its properties are said to improve blood circulation, counteract stress, decrease blood pressure, improve the heart’s operation and have positive cosmetic effects. We’re going to bathe in it, get massaged with it, and get wrapped up in it, thank you. We’ll also be inhaling Maria’s Springs; the minerals help to dissolve phlegm and clean the respiratory tract, which helps with chronic respiratory disorders and allergies.

Karlovy Vary/Carlsbad was founded by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in the 15th century, where they discovered natural medicinal springs. The water in this region can help cure those suffering from musculoskeletal disorders, conditions involving the digestive tract and gastrointestinal illnesses. Massages, wraps and other therapies developed by physicians supplement the water therapy. we’re going to try oxygen and carbon dioxide treatments, along with their famed mineral drinking cures.

We’re going to Beer Wellness Land! In Chodová Planá, we’ll be bathing in beer. Literally. Real Beer Baths are an original curative spa therapy combining remedial effects of warm mineral water and beer which has curative effects on the complexion and hair, relieves muscle tension, warms up joints and supports the immune system.

Allegedly, we will also be cryogenically for two minutes, but more details on that to come. There are a whole slew of new and ancient spa treatments we’ll be sampling. And we’ll show-and-tell you all about it.

For now we await our departure on Wednesday. Thursday begins treatments. #CzechItOut