So, last night I opened up a spa. At la Spa de Kim, you could receive world-class mani/pedis in seconds or perhaps you wanted to relax with a revitalizing facial. I offered it all – well virtually that is. As if working at Spa Week hasn’t made me addicted to spas enough, now Clarins, the French-born skincare giant, has created a Facebook game, Spa Life. While watching my Monday night TV lineup (hello, Chuck Bass), I quickly earned my way to level 7!

First, Claire (nice play on words) welcomes you as a new spa owner. I treated customers to mani/pedis, facials and let them sip on herbal tea while they wait in my lobby. Consumers quickly came in and out so you had to move fast! (Sort of like they will at the 16 Clarins Spa locations participating in Spa Week this Fall.)  They weren’t afraid to show you they were disappointed in the wait time by tapping their feet and crossing their arms. (This won’t happen during Spa Week.) You may also recognize some of your customers as they integrate your real Facebook friends into the game. As I earned more cash, I was able to buy more supplies for my salon including more stations and top of the line facial creams.

The game doesn’t push the Clarins brand at all. The spa layout is very simple, no Clarins logos to be found. You also don’t earn official Clarins products until much later on in the game (unfortunately, I didn’t make it that far in my hour playing time). The game is definitely for someone who loves to earn rewards and going to the spa (moi).

It may seem like an odd move for the company but it actually makes a lot of sense. According to their Mashable interview, they discovered that their customers were the average online gamer – 43 year old women!

Like most online games, it quickly becomes addictive because you have to keep your salon reputation in tact and be able to meet demand. If you have trouble, Claire is there to guide you! If you are having trouble running a REAL spa? Well, Spa Week and ISPA can help guide you with that one. 😉

Check out the game on Facebook.

Images via Mashable (because I was too focused on earning products to snap a screen shot!)