By Shelby Jones, ISPA

The newly released ISPA 2011 U.S. Spa Industry Study reveals a ton of new information about the different types of treatments offered at the spa. We’ll be digging into the different offerings in the weeks to come, but we wanted to take a minute this week to show you what spas are doing locally for their communities.

The following chart shows just what true do-gooders people in the spa industry really are. Almost all spas (96 percent) are undertaking one or more of the following outreach efforts:

Spas clearly recognize the importance of reaching out to locals. Whether it’s through food drives, makeover nights for nurses or showcasing artwork from local artists the spa is the place to go to help make a difference in your town. The next time you want to get involved consider working with the spa in your neighborhood.

Editor’s Note: As for Spa Week Media Group, giving back has always been part of our DNA. Each season we donate a portion of our proceeds to Cancer and Careers, an organization very dear to our CEO Cheryl Reid’s heart.

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