While we were tweeting our little hearts out at our Media Event last night… we read breaking news about Steve Jobs. The irony of learning the man who invented the iPhone had passed away… on our iPhone. We were all in disbelief. People were whispering amongst each other “is it true?” We didn’t want to accept it. Apple’s CEO and mastermind had given us so many great gifts that we didn’t want to let him go.

Today, you probably already have touched your fingers on one his inventions or have seen someone walking by you with one in hand. The iPad, iPhone, Mac, and iPod have all changed how we interact with technology and enriched our lives. Just like the colored TV changed the way people watch television. Steve Jobs changed how we interact with technology, and thus, with each other.

I know I am grateful for the ability to iChat with my nephews in California while I’m in New York. I don’t get the opportunity to be there on a daily basis but I can be invited into my sister’s home with just one click. When I see my 2 1/2 year old nephew in person, he points to the computer “You are in there.” Technology can help you reach loved ones when you are miles apart.

His success story is a great one filled with many lessons, especially “don’t take no for an answer.” At 13, he coerced the head of Hewlett-Packard to give him free computer chips and would later get a job with the company. He believed in himself, his vision and wasn’t going to let anything get in his way. We all should live with such passion.

He leaves behind a wife and four kids. He was 56. We’ll miss you Steve.