By Jamie Dougherty

Please join in welcoming Jamie, our brand new Lose Weight by Accident contributor! She and Sarah Jenks who has taken over the past few weeks will be switching off as authors here week to week. Jamie Dougherty, founder of, gives women the secrets to feel amazing in their bodies and create the balance they crave between their busy schedules and eating well. Jamie believes that though kale and brown rice are good foods to put on your plate, until we truly learn HOW to eat rather than just WHAT to eat we will continue to be carb-craving, super-frazzled, stress-out ladies. If you ever feel hungry, stuck and unsatisfied with your food be sure to visit Jamie’s website to get her FREE 5-Step Guide to Fabulous.  Seriously ladies, get ready for Jamie to rock your world!

Fall is here and you know what that means, right?  Ah yeah, the feeding frenzy that starts with Halloween and rocks on ‘til New Years is about to commence.  Are you ready!?!  Of course not, because as with every other lady trying to lose weight by accident, the holiday season is certainly not our strongest time of year.

Alright, now let’s just take a big deep breath together because I’m here to tell you that this year is not going to be like the last.  Why, you ask?  Because as it turns out, there is one particular fall food that can save you during this trying time.  May I introduce my fall favorite… the sweet potato! Besides being unbelievably delicious and loaded with vitamins A, C and a good dose of iron (all very important for our lovely lady bodies), this sweet treat can actually help with some seriously sweet weight loss.  Here’s how:

#1: Sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber that keeps you fuller much longer than say a turkey-day crescent roll and will subsequently prevent you from overeating.

#2: Though sweet to the taste, sweet potatoes don’t set you reeling on a sugar high like other holiday foods but rather create a stable foundation of energy for you to use throughout your day and into the night. That’s right. Sweet potatoes equal sweet energy!

#3: Because of their innate starchy sweetness, sweet potatoes help curb sugar cravings and can keep you from making poor food decisions. So, when you know you will be put face to face with fudge, pecan pie or any other sugar-shocked food, make sure to first eat a sweet potato. You will be amazed at how easy saying “no thank you” will be when your sweet tooth is already satisfied on the real stuff.

So, how do you get these sweet lil’ things on your plate?  Any number of ways!  Sweet potato fries are an amazingly satisfying snack as is a warm cup of coconut, sweet potato and kale stew.  You can also simply bake them and top with a bit of cinnamon (another sugar-craving curber) and pecans or savory tahini sauce.  See, easy as pie!