By Raymond Villamil

This just in: Michelle Joni, Spa Princess and blog diva extraordinaire is dating a spa virgin!  Please, please… your gasps are warranted, but don’t judge too harshly.

Hi there, you might have read a little about me in a previous post… well, it wasn’t really about me, it was mostly about the incredible and manly condition of my heels.  I’m Ray, the aforementioned MJ boyfriend.  Low-and-behold it’s true, I’ve never been to a spa before, heck, I’ve never even had a professional massage in my life – that is, until Michelle decided to take matters into her own hands. To celebrate Spa Week, she brought me to a little kitsch corner of comfort called Supple Spa.

Okay.  The décor is what struck me first.  Contemporary, sleek, and hip Supple Spa is NOT – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (more on this later).  Instead, Supple Spa invites you in with its waving Lucky cat, hippie flower-splashed walls, and massage chairs carefully dressed in over-sized t-shirts stamped with the business’s brand.

This leads me to a major point.  As I said before, Supple Spa may not be the sleekest looking place but “pretentious” is a word that it must’ve never learned to say. Instead, the place is inviting and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.  The place screams, “Relax, kick back, smile and laugh a little.” The staff is polite, friendly, and certainly at no lack for skill as I soon found out.

Supple Spa loves couples.  The massage rooms are easily converted for a romantic evening for two.  The beds can be pushed together for cutesy couple-hand-holding. The lights are low, the music’s ambient, the candles burn slowly, and the Sangria waits neatly, glasses empty ready to be filled.

And so I stripped… reminds me of a certain video.

The next moments of my life were spent being pushed and pulled, squished and pounded.  Yes, it may have been the best beating of my life.


My body melted away LIKE BUTTA’!  You never really realize just how ridiculously tight and mangled your body is until all that tension, and uh, “mangledness” is taken away.  I’m a new man.

I want another massage.

This one’s to you, oh master of the spa blogosphere.  KUDOS, Michelle!  Oh, and thank you Supple Spa! You have shown me the light!

Where’s next!?

    Supple Spa
    55 West 19th Street, Second Floor
    New York, NY 10011

    To reminisce, take a look back at our famous bathroom-cleaning spa date at Supple Spa – always a good time.

    With treatment rooms named Tokyo (ours), Sunset, Kaleidoscope, Daydream and the Paris Room, a trip to Supple is destined for romance. Peep a couple of their other couples rooms: