We sent dozens bloggers all across the country to preview some Spa Week appointments to give you a sneak peek at Fall Spa Week’s #50dollartreatments everywhere! Hot off the heals of a stressful NYC Fashion Week, we sent Danielle from The Style and Beauty Doctor to Smooth Synergy in NYC to try the 45 Min Integral Lipomassage that they were offering for Spa Week for  just $50.

The Best Part: “Smooth Synergy uses a state of the art machine that feels very similar to a vacuum’s suction as it glides over your trouble areas. At one point it also vibrates over the body and at that point I was knocked out COLD—it was soooo relaxing. I might have been so comfortable that it’s possible I might have drooled like a baby but that’s just between me and you, right? RIGHT!”

Results: “While I did notice a little butt lift (the tech says that happens often but it’s very temporary…lol), Lipomassage is not the type of treatment where you should expect to go in as the Michelin Man and come out as Sofia Vergara. It’s ideal for anyone who works out regularly but has some trouble spots that they need help with smoothing and contouring over time or in advance of bikini season.”

Visit The Style and Beauty Doctor to read more! Still want more? Michelle tried it last Spa Week, too – Check it out!

Smooth Synergy
686 Lexington Avenue, Suite 3N
New York, NY 10022