By Jessica Lapidos, reporting from her Czech Republic spa and wellness adventure with the EuroSpaClub, compliments of Czech Tourism

We’ve found it. We’ve discovered thee place, the steal, the ideal spa vacation location. It’s in a spa city called Marianske Lazne, aka Marienbad, and the Maria Spa is the spot. This resort, which is actually three in one – Danubius Health Spa Resport Nove Lazne and Centralni Lazne are connected to Maria Spa – is sprawling, centuries old, rich in history, and recently restored. The treatments are unique to the land; the natural resources are sourced locally. It is luxurious and medicinal at the same time. Let me explain.

For peat’s sake! Peat is found in the local bogs, and this mud is a natural preservative. It keeps the skin looking fresh – just look at “Pete” who was buried in the stuff for 2000 years in Denmark! Doctors started testing peat wraps on the hands and legs back in the early 1800s, then the first full peat back was tested at the Maria Spa in 1823. It was the first in the world to offer such a bath, and now, that is its specialty. In fact, King Edward VII had his own personal bath there (and still does – it’s stunning). In fact, by 1903, this spa was providing over 1,000 treatments a day! It’s only gotten better since then, and it is completely equipped to give you a cleansing, relaxing, rejuvenating experience.

Holy Roman Bathhouse! Authentic bathhouses from the 1800s exist within the premises. And the good news: they’ve gotten new plumbing in. This means the tiles are original and the pipes are brand new. It is majestic, the bath is a spiritual experience with flying buttresses; ornate paintings and statues make you feel like royalty. That room is complemented by a aromatic sauna, steam room, and hot-cold walking baths (four times around, in and out of cold/hot water up to your ankles – great for circulation), whirlpool baths, current pools, the list goes on.

Carbonated Refreshments! They have carbon dioxide baths. You take it with your clothes on, because it’s all gaseous. You sit in a chair with an oxygen tank in your nose as the area around you fills up with clouds of carbon dioxide. It vacuums stomach high because it’s meant for your legs – it helps with circulation.

Drink to a Cure! The natural springs that make this region the unique spa destination it is are available right in the hotel! The water here cures a range of issues in the kidneys, urinary tract, respiratory system, gynecological, metabolic and locomotive systems. Though it is stunning to take the drink outside with you and walk under the heated outdoor colonnades in winter, it’s also a comfort to know you never need to leave the comfort of this spa paradise.

Please is the Word! They speak English! It’s not always the simplest to find someone who speaks our native language over there, but this hotel is equipped for the American traveller. Their doctors speak English, so you’ll be able to communicate freely about your treatments.

The Treatment of the Opera! There is a breathtaking space in the complex that looks straight out of Versailles. They call it a casino, but really it’s a ball-(literal royal ball)-room and opera house. With regular weekly performances. When I asked how hard it is to book a wedding there, they responded that weddings are not very common there. They don’t do that whole elaborate wedding thing over there. (Umm, can you say… location wedding?)

The list goes on, multiple restaurants with five star buffets, different levels of room rates, over 100 spa treatments and beautiful surroundings. I’m personally excited to return.

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