We sent dozens bloggers all across the country to preview some Spa Week appointments to give you a sneak peek at Fall Spa Week’s #50dollartreatments everywhere! Now, let’s take a look back at Stephanie from PrettyCity‘s Spa Week Sneak Peek feature. She visited Deva Spa in NYC and tried the 45 Minute Facial that they were offering for Spa Week for just $50 each. NEWSFLASH! Deva Spa is EXTENDING their $50 Spa Week specials until October 30 – all the more reason to find out all about this facial from Stephanie.

Upon Arrival: “After check in, the expertly trained staff escort you into the women’s lounge prepped with everything you would need to primp yourself for the day; showers, sauna, and a get-ready station equipped with hair dryer, hair styling products, mouthwash, etc.”

Relaxing With Snacks: “Once you don your lush white robe and flip flops, you head into the waiting area. The space is a relaxation oasis in itself before you even get to your treatment. You can lounge next to the bamboo waterfall in the wicker chairs with your feet up on the the matching ottomans while noshing on healthy bites like crudité and granola bars.”

In Her Own Words: “Cleo [the esthetician] cleansed, toned, exfoliated, masked, and moisturized my skin with Phytomer, a marine cosmetics line that the spa uses. Cleo explained that since this was a moisturizing facial, it is fitting for all skin types.

The Best Part: “The reason I felt that this facial was so different from any other facial I’ve previously had is because Cleo also worked pressure points around my face and upper neck that put me into the utmost feeling of zen. I cannot remember the last time I was able to let all of the tension out of my body… this is Manhattan after all!”

Why You Should Go: “The treatment was over before I knew it, but I felt that I had absolutely gotten more than I had bargained for and cannot wait for the next time I treat myself there. This is definitely an experience I will be repeating in the near future!”

Deva Spa and Salon
425 Broome Street
New York, NY 10013
212.274.8686 or 646.454.4300
Extending $50 Spa Week Specials until October 30

$50 Spa Week Treatments:

  • 45 Min Sea Me Full Body Exfoliation
  • 45 Min Express Facial
  • Express Manicure and Pedicure