Everyone loves Halloween, and why shouldn’t they?  Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than a holiday designated to vivid imaginations, fishnet tights (optional, but why not?) and lots of people looking for fun, all sans family drama. Gotta love it!

However there is one little snafu when it comes to fully enjoying the raucous nature of All Hallows’ Eve.  You guessed it…candy!  The sweet stuff flows as freely as the alcohol (also loaded with sugar) on this wild holiday, which at first tastes great then leaves you in a guilt-tinged, sugar coma.

So how can you enjoying your Halloween festivities without paying for it with a tummy ache the next day?  Here are my 3 tasty tips on how to avoid the Halloween candy conundrum!

  1. Do not buy candy.  I know it seems easy enough but seriously, don’t buy it.  If you are wondering what to give the trick-or-treaters, let me quickly enlighten you.  There is no law stating you must give out tooth-corroding candy however you also don’t want to be that girl who hands out cans of tuna fish or toothbrushes.  Pick up some tasty Lara Bars, Clif Z bars, or Trader Joe’s almond packets as easy and tasty candy alternatives.
  2. Truffles to the rescue.  Throwing a Halloween party and need a sweet treat to serve?  Make these chocolate blueberry truffles.  These truffles are completely sugar and guilt free and after one bite no one will miss the crap-tastic mini butterfingers.  If anything they will praise you for being such a food goddess!
  3. Bring your own.  If you are heading out and just know you will get sucked into something sweet and unhealthy, bring your tasty treats with you!  That’s right.  Who says you can’t show up with your own delicious truffles or peanut butter filled dates (I swear they taste like a snickers bar)?  In fact, I promise your friends will want a nibble of your goodies over all the other junky candy.

So there you have it.  Stick to these three tricks and all your candy concerns will vanish!

In the comments below I’d love to hear how you avoid the Halloween candy conundrum.  Come on ladies, sharing is caring! (And it feels good too.)

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