By Shelby Jones, ISPA

One of the most popular massage treatments on menus today is a hot stone massage. This deeply relaxing treatment is offered by 90% of spas in the U.S. and is the third most offered type of massage behind deep tissue and Swedish.

This massage uses smooth, flat rocks that are heated and placed at key points on the body. Usually the rocks used are volcanic basalt rocks which are heated in water to 125°F. The heat from the rocks melts into your muscles helping them to relax. As your muscles relax your therapist can apply deeper pressure.

The stones are different sizes and can be placed on your back, between your toes and in the palms of your hands. Therapists are careful to ensure that the rocks are not too warm, but if you feel they are too hot to handle simply let your therapist know.

The heat from the stones also helps to improve circulation and create a sense of relaxation. It’s the perfect treatment if you suffer from back pain, poor circulation or arthritis.

And if you’re keeping up with the latest spa and wellness trends, you’ll know it’s not just hot stones – check out the Hot and Cold Stone Massage on Live Spa TV.

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