By Jessica Lapidos, reporting from her Czech Republic spa and wellness adventure with the EuroSpaClub, compliments of Czech Tourism

Though the Oktoberfest games in Bavaria, Germany ritually comes to a close on the first Sunday in October, there are far more than 16 days per year we can worship the frothy, intoxicating goodness of beer. In fact, in the Czech Republic holds its local family beer, Chodovar, in such prominent esteem that its production ground is dubbed Beer Wellness Land. You can tour the factory, taste the brews, and bathe in the beer.

Say what? Your college dreams (and/or nightmare) just came alive? Oh, yes it did, and it’s lovelier than you can possibly imagine.

beer wellness land chodova lazne

Prive Pivni Lazne is the Original Beer Spa in Chodova Plana. While they boast 8 different types of massages, they are certainly most famous for their beer baths. The bath contains active beer yeast, hop draff and a mixture of dehydrated crushed herbs combined with Ilsano mineral water. It is a dark brew which produces a caramel colored foam.

The warm temperature leads the body to open its pores, and sweat out the toxins as the hop draff functions as purifying peeling, removing tired parts of skin. The active beer yeast provides the skin with a wide range of vitamins B, proteins and saccharides and contributes to overall softening and regeneration of the cuticle. Alongside the bath is a pint of non-pasteurized Chodovar, which helps boost the digestive system.

Here’s how it goes down. You step into your private beer bath for 20 minutes as you drink a brew beside you. Then once you are done, you are wrapped in fluffy towels and set down to nap, wrapped up mommy mummy tuck-in style. After a 20 minute nap, you awaken to a second beer beside you. Drink and feel absolutely refreshed (and slightly buzzed).

Beer on the hair is no wives tale! It nourishes, moisturizes and gives it vitality (much like it does to your night out). So, once you’re out of the tub, time to take it with you:

The salts and the oils allow you to recreate this beer bath at home, while shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, extend the dermatological and follicle calming sensation. Beer shampoo is few and far between, but I did find a variety in the U.S., made in Vermont: Body on Tap.

Czech with the EuroSpaClub and Czech Tourism to see how you can get to Beer Wellness Land to #CzechItOut for yourself!