Why do we go to the movies? To be entertained, to laugh, to cry, to fall in love. Nothing captures the sweetness and craziness of a wedding quite like films do. Romantic comedies gives us have hope that the man of our dreams will stand outside our window holding a boombox over his head playing Peter Gabriel. Or convince us that we should chase down our best friend right before his wedding and say “Pick me!”

So this Wedding Wednesday, we’re going to the movies! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite scenes that encapsulate all that weddings can bring: love, laughter and a little crazy. In no particular order…

1. Bridesmaids – One of the funniest movies we’ve seen in years. We wanted to be on stage busting out “Some day somebody is going to make you turn around and say goodbye” with Wilson Phillips.

2. Wedding Crashers – Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn would make the best real-life wedding guests.

3. My Best Friend’s Wedding – Who doesn’t want to burst out into song during a rehearsal dinner? We do!

4. The Wedding Singer After  being stood up at the alter, Adam Sandler goes back to a work as a wedding singer and becomes a train wreck. This movie has an awesome soundtrack. And how cute was Drew Barrymore?

5. Sixteen Candles – We love the tipsy sister walking down the aisle trying to eat her veil. But, we were also quite distracted by Jake Ryan. Swoon!

6. It Takes Two – A Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen classic! And Michelle’s all-time favorite childhood movie. “I’ve never been so humiliated in my life!” (Don’t mind the sübtitles…)

7. Father of the Bride – The entire movie warmed our hearts. Remember when Steve Martin says to himself during the wedding, “I realized at that moment that I was never going to come home again and see Annie at the top of the stairs, that I’d never see her again at our breakfast table in her nightgown and socks. I suddenly realized what was happening: Annie was all grown up and leaving us. Something inside began to hurt.” We need a tissue!

8. Princess Bride – Nothing like a bad accent to lighten the mood at a wedding.

9. The Notebook – What wedding? Ryan Gosling can kiss us in the rain anytime.

10. My Big Fat Greek Wedding – We all wanted to be Greek after this movie and shout “OPA!”

Tell us below… what’s your favorite wedding movie moment?

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