BOO! The next official holiday of October – you know, besides Spa Week – is quickly approaching. Do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween yet? Did you catch Michelle channeling Ke$ha last year? While we’re debating which costumes to wear this year, we thought we’d share our picks for the 10 most ridiculous celebrity costumes.

1. No one quite gets into the spirit of Halloween like Heidi Klum – her costumes are always over the top.

2. Pink instills my fear of clowns…once again.

3. Mariah Carey posing for the 2012 Staten Island Firefighter Calendar, no doubt…

4. Aaron Carter makes for a terrible pimp.

5. We think Jason Biggs should let the ladies stick to being Dorothy.

6. Matt Lauer‘s One Night As Paris

7. The new Pippi: Gwen Stefani looks ridiculously cute with her son as Jessie from Toy Story.

8. The fashion designer and former Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano and friend dressed as the feather duster (Babette) and the candle stick (Lumiere) from Beauty and the Beast.

9. Alyson Hannigan, from How I Met Your Mother and American Pie, and her family always do a theme – this year, Babes from Toyland. This one time, on Halloween…

10. Snooki declares her love for pickles. And cleavage.

One more! This one’s not a celebrity… but if SPA-lebrities count, so does Michelle’s 20,000 calorie costume from 2 years ago:

Images via WonderWall and New York Post.