Successful entrepreneurs have a lot of things in common: confidence, determination, vision, creativity and passion to name a few. They also tend to be people who inspire, and this is most notably true when said successful entrepreneur’s company was designed to inspire.

You’ve met Shauna Mei here before, most recently as our Intellectual Wellbeing Expert who challenged you to listen to classical music every morning to increase your IQ – have you taken her up on it? Join the challenge now! Or maybe you’ve read about her in Glamour or the New York Times? Shauna is the Founder and CEO of, a daily online discovery destination that’s beating flash-sale sites at their own game by offering untouched uniqueness and endless global inspiration, no discount whatsoever. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Shauna and the AHA team many times in the past, from co-hosting a Spa Week kick-off party to giveaways and features, and I personally am honored to be among the likes of Deepak Chopra, Derek Blasberg and Tim Gunn as one of their curators. Never failing to inspire, this list hits an inspiration-homerun in my book. Shauna, you’ll take over the world in no time!

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