I grew up playing with dozens of Barbie dolls. I would dress them up for a date with Ken or for her new career (President Barbie!). But secretly, wasn’t Princess Barbie your favorite too? I couldn’t have been the only one who acted out my fairytale wedding on my bedroom floor (please say no!). Well now women everywhere have a real life princess to play with: Kate Middleton. The hysteria of the Royal Wedding still hasn’t worn off. If you thought all the memorabilia with Kate and William faces were overkill… just wait. Now they’ve created Kate and Pippa Middleton “action figures.” Dig out your old Ken dolls and relive those little girl dreams of being a princess!

The Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, doll features a handmade recreation of her Alexander McQueen gown for $189.95.

Don’t forget about the sister, Pippa! She’s available in that scandalous (action figure butts are cute too?) bridesmaids dress of hers for $49.95.

Now you just need Prince Charming.