It’s no secret that to for important events, such as at our Spa Week Media Parties, I require some assistance. You know, no matter how good I think I can do my eyes, there’s always a makeup artist who makes me realize I got nothin’. This season, I have the talented, spunk-ified Krystal of Tres Jolie Beauty Boutique in Chelsea, NYC to thank for her re-inventive interpretation of everything north of my neck.

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Krystal, tattoo’d all over with a super-cool sense of style, is no one trick pony – she’s also a dancer and a model.  But she’s always loved hair and makeup, and one day her mom was the catalyst for her to pursue the other half of her dreams. What she loves most about her job are the transformations. In her own words: “I love turning a woman who’s a bit uncomfortable into vixen sultry amazingness!”

First, we started with a hair cut. It had been a very long while since my last one, and all the AG Split End Spa serum in the world couldn’t fix what I had going on. And I know you’ve all been there before, ladies – you need a hair cut, but you don’t want to give up any length? Right?? The double edged sword! Scissor-happy stylists are a woman’s greatest salon fear! Well, I told Krystal my everlasting Rapunzel wish, and she did not take it lightly. By twisting hair (see first photo), trimming daintily, and building in slight layers, she was able to maintain the length of my locks almost in full… AND get rid of the majority of my splitsies. Bravo on your technique Krystal, and THANKYOUSOMUCH.

Next, she blew out my hair with a round brush, rolling each section of my hair like a yoga mat, and secured the ringlets with clips. Homemade curlers! I kept it up in my halfway-there hair state for a few hours, channeling Martha Washington while the volume of the waves set in. A little bit of hairspray, and then it was onto the makeup.

Now originally this appointment was only a hair appointment. Like I said earlier, I always believe I’ll be fine doing makeup myself, but then after the fact I don’t know what I’d been thinking. Krystal insisted that she glams up my face too, and although she “didn’t have any of her makeup with her” she actually had a TON of makeup with her. Oh, makeup artists. In her purse, she carried this enormous palette you see above. The cool thing about it besides its double rainbow beauty and the fact that Krystal had it in her purse is that it’s very multi-purpose. She used these colors as everything from eye shadow and blush to bronzer and face highlighter, and even to bring out my eyebrows. My ladies, remember this when flexing your makeup drawer – your shadows and lipsticks may be more skilled than you thought.

She took my everyday look and turned it to camera-ready glam. Not only was it a fun girly day at the salon exchanging life stories, hopes and dreams with Krystal (as salon visits tend to go), but I felt totally confident stepping onto the red carpet and playing host for our corporate video. I recommend Krystal, also known as Kys Clark, to anyone who needs to get glammed up for an event. Kisses!

Tres Jolie Beauty Boutique
166 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001