Bad news: There are well over a million germs living on your hands right now. Worse news: There are well over a billion women living on less than $2.50 per day. Inspiring news: You can now reach for the outstretched hands of Eve Echo, who’s conquering both predicaments at once. Eve Echo is a brand new collection of chic liquid hand soaps and sanitizers that not only helps eliminate germs, but also helps women reach financial independence in third world countries.

With a great deal of passion and vision, Eve Friedman left her career as a successful ad executive to launch her uniquely charitable brand, Eve Echo. I had the pleasure of getting to know Eve over lunch the other week, and after one delicious whiff of her Grapefruit Honeydew soap and one minute of learning about her business model, I was hooked. Eve declared: “My mission is to build an enterprise that is defined as a distinctive platform for the global empowerment of all women.”

But how? Eve Echo will give 100% of all net profits to the Foundation for International Community Assistance (FINCA) which offers low interest loans to women to help them build businesses that give them financial independence and help the overall community. After one year, the original loan, plus interest, will be returned to Eve Echo. “As profitability increases,” Eve explained, “so does our ability to lend large amounts of capital to organizations that focus on social change for women, bringing us closer to our mission: Eliminate gender inequality, and free women from oppression.” Natalie Portman is the national spokesperson of FINCA and has been very critical in getting the message out there:

But a charitable mission is hardly possible for a beauty brand without the a meaningful product that people will love. More good news! You can finally throw away all your hand sanitizers that look and smell like an inpatient hospital wing – Eve Echo is solving that problem too.

The liquid hand soaps come in four luxurious scents: pure lavender vanilla, energizing pomegranate peppermint, adventurous coconut butter, and my favorite, rejuvenating grapefruit honeydew. The  hand sanitizers come in two aromas: uplifting lavender vanilla and my new purse addition/addiction, tantalizing sweet mango, all portable and refillable. All Eve Echo products are cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and triclosan-free.

Ready to buy? Head over to their newly-launched, socially-savvy website where you can purchase the products, and very soon, start looking for them in high-end beauty retailers, department stores and duty-free shops. At $8 for the sanitizers and $14 for the soaps, these products are a little luxury, affordable for anyone who shares the vision of empowering the world’s poorest entrepreneurs… and clean hands that smell like you’ve always dreamed they would.