We all have a bit hometown pride. Idahoans have their potatoes, New Yorkers have their bagels (to say the least), and Texans have their big hair. But who can claim to be the healthiest? Here at Spa Week we want you to live your healthiest and happiest life, that’s why if moving to a healthier city isn’t in the cards, at least you can find a local spa.

Self Magazine featured the 2011 Best Cities for Women based on 7000 bits of data. Here are some of the nation’s best cities for your health:

Cleanest Air: Cheyenne, Wyoming

The capital of the Cowboy State, Cheyenne has the cleanest air and the shortest commute for its residents. Oh, and they are really into boot art.

Dirtiest air: Los Angeles.

Walks to work most: New York, NY

A mile long walk to work for New Yorkers is a walk in the park! And sometimes quite literally. New Yorkers have no patience for long commutes with annoying transfers, so many opt to walk to and from work every day. A good way to burn off those delicious bagel (and pizza) calories.

Walks to work the least? Birmingham, Alabama.

Most green buildings: Burlington, Vermont

Burlington is the largest city in the Green Mountain State and they are definitely living up to the state name. Burlington has the most green buildings and more farmer’s markets than any other city.

Fewest green buildings? Wichita, Kansas.

Soundest sleepers: Santa Barbara, California

The American Riviera understands the need for beauty sleep. Don’t live in Santa Barbara? Here are 7 tips for a sound night sleep.

Most fitful sleepers? Charleston, West Virginia.

Lightest smokers: Provo, Utah

Prov-who? Provo is the third largest city in Utah and where you’ll find the least amount of fast food restaurants per capita. Hate the smell of smoke? Move to Provo where they have the least amount of smokers.

Heaviest smokers? Vegas, baby!

Slimmest: Honolulu, Hawaii

The good ol’ Aloha state. Not only do they get to wake up to water so blue that you would think it was a screen saver but they also have the slimmest population. So not fair!

Heftiest: Detroit, Michigan.