Our sixth Spa Week Daily Challenge, The Cinnamon Challenge comes from quadruple threat Dr. Wendy Bazilian. Her slogan, Eat well, Move daily, Be Healthy® can truly be applied to every area of her expertise. Dr. Wendy is a Doctor of Public Health, a registered dietitian, a best-selling author and the Nutritional Advisor to the famous Golden Door Spa.  Just like her Cinnamon Challenge, Dr. Wendy looks to create fun, interactive and informative ways we all can better our lives through knowledge and realistic application. Join the challenge on Facebook and experiment with adding cinnamon to your plate. Track how it affects your body and mood by sharing on the event wall. It could even get you a $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Card and a copy of Dr. Wendy’s book, The SuperFoodsRx Diet and a bottle of cinnamon!  In the below list, Dr. Wendy reminds YOU to spice up your life and harness your own sparkling potential!



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Spa Week Daily Challenge: Dr. Wendy’s Cinnamon Challenge