Who said vampires can’t teach us anything? They taught us that love surpasses all (even if there’s a 90 year age difference). While the new Twilight installment Breaking Dawn was raking in $140 million at the box office this weekend… we were all dying to see the wedding! And it definitely had all the drama of Bella and Edward’s relationship. Here are some lessons we learned from the nuptials:

1. Your natural surroundings provide a great backdrop

2. Can’t go wrong with a family crest on the invitations

3. Jewel tones look great on fair skinned bridesmaids

4. You can never have too many flowers

5. Leave the drama behind you (replica of custom Carolina Herrera gown)

6. Wear something blue in your hair

7. Go to Brazil for your honeymoon! (But maybe don’t play chess)

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