By Sarah Jenks

Thanksgiving is a loaded holiday. On one hand it’s an amazing celebration full of family, friends and fabulous food, and on the other hand it’s the perfect opportunity for spiraling into guilt and starting a caustic diet cycle.

This year instead of beating yourself up and trying to “un-do” your “bad behavior,” I want to just forgive yourself.

Try this:

Sit with your eyes closed and imagine the you that was sitting at your Thanksgiving table on Thursday. With all of that food in front of her, and all the wine, and celebration, it would’ve taken a super hero to not go back for thirds. Look at her, and tell her you forgive her. Of course it was impossible to be “good” – it was Thanksgiving!


When we can forgive ourselves and release the guilt we are far less likely to overeat. It’s the negative feelings that drive us straight into the pint of ice cream in the first place.

Also, resist the urge to restrict your food this week. If you go into starvation/diet mode, your cravings are going to come back with guns blazing by Friday. Just be even, eat how you normally do and the sluggishness will naturally disappear.

Sarah Jenks, founder of, helps women fall in love with their bodies and lose weight through exploring the emotional reasons of why we eat. Sarah believes that you can talk about the benefits of broccoli until you are blue in the face, but real change won’t happen until we pull back the veil of fad diets and calorie counting to reveal the true cause of our over eating. Feeling lost about weight loss? Visit her website to download her free guide: “What to do if you feel fat, hopeless and ready to give up.”