The season premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take New York was on E! Sunday night and boy did it feature some spa madness! Just when we think the clan can’t top themselves… they somehow do. This one hour episode featured TWO controversial healthy living practices. Let’s begin the lesson…

First, Kourtney gets an olive oil enema at an ayurvedic spa in NYC. There’s even Twitter proof:

Ayurveda spas practice holistic therapy rooted in ancient medicine originating in India. Kim resisted the treatment luckily because back at the hotel Kourtney leaked all over the bed!  Michelle recently enjoyed a coffee  and chlorophyll colonic (but didn’t suffer the same fate Kourtney did).

And the craziness didn’t stop there – the sisters decided to try a nude yoga session with some friends. Oh my! We’re all for getting naked at the spa (see video below) but this is a whole other beast. Nude yoga has stirred up some controversy even though celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow have confessed to going bare. Supposedly doing the downward dog position in the buff will help you lose those inhibitions, but there are some skeptics. Like Kris Humphries.

So next time you’re at the spa, ask yourself “What would the Kardashians do?”

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