Congratulations, you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid! Uh oh… what’s the dress going to look like? That is immediately what comes to a woman’s mind when she’s invited to be in a bridal party. Of course you are overwhelmed with joy for your newly engaged best friend or random relative, but you can’t help but wonder, “how much am I going to waste on this thing I only wear once?” Well, J. Crew sympathizes and has designed the solution to the ugly bridesmaid dress dilemma – so long as your bride is for it.

J. Crew’s Holiday Wedding & Parties Collection features beautiful dresses for a stroll down the aisle… and then dancing all night in at your company holiday party. Here are some dresses you’ll love wearing way more than once:

Gabby Dress

This strapless cotton taffeta dress was recently featured on the ABC comedy “Happy Endings.” She wore it to an event rather than a wedding!

Kayla Dress

An A-line dress is flattering on all body shapes. Plus, how amazing is this Bright Dahlia color?

Marguerite Dress

This silk charmeuse dress comes in classic colors that you are sure to get many wears out of.

Louisa Dress

Does anything sound more luxurious to wear than silk chiffon? I think not. It’s available in a lot of fun, bright colors to party the night away.

I’d be ecstatic if a bride asked me to wear this! I’m a sucker for anything sequin and definitely would wear this beauty more than once.