Over the past two weeks, close to 100 of you RSVP’d to Dr.Wendy’s Cinnamon Challenge on Facebook and commented on the event wall with the healthy and delicious ways you incorporated cinnamon into your diet every day for two weeks! From coffee and teas to yogurt, apples and squash, we were blown away by all of the different recipes you shared with us! We were so inspired by your suggestions that we brought you even more cinnamon-themed goodness with our DIY Mulled-Cider Cinnamon Sachets (which triple as a aromatherapy pack, cider drink mix and a lovely holiday gift) and we showed you how to fight acne with a Cinnamon and Nutmeg Masque made from holiday leftovers.

It was great to see how many of you participated in this festive challenge by keeping a cinnamon shaker on your stove/counter top to as a constant reminder to spice up your health. Not to mention, lots of you said you were so inspired by Dr. Wendy‘s challenge that you even went out and bought cinnamon scented air freshener!

The best part of this Spa Week Daily Health Challenge (besides the added health benefits) was that Food and Wellness Expert, Dr. Wendy, was right there along with us offering 15 Guiding Practices for a Life of Wellness along with supportive and informative tweets, likes, comments and tips. A great question came from Susan K. on our Facebook Event wall asking:  What are the key things to keep in mind when buying good cinnamon? Dr. Wendy offered her expert advice, saying:

Aroma and taste are the good indicators of ‘freshness’. . .so if your cinnamon loses the aroma or flavor, it’s time to replace it. When buying cinnamon, choose a trusted brand or try to know the ‘source’. If it’s in bottle, the top should be safety sealed for safety AND freshness. If it’s in bulk, put a little in the scoop and waft to smell the aroma. If it lacks in that ‘tingly, aromatic spiciness’, it may have be less fresh. Saigon cinnamon will have more of the ‘red hots’ cinnamon flavor (like cinnamon candies) due to the levels of a certain cinnamon compound; Korintji cinnamon (the usual one most of us commonly buy and it’s often not labeled as to origin), it’s a bit milder, but also delicious and antioxidant rich.

Thank you to all who participated in the Cinnamon Challenge; we’re so happy you enjoyed it! As per the usual, here are the winners of the $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Cards by Spa Week (who shared their experiences on the event page):

Susan G: I keep a bottle of cinnamon on the stove…it goes into and onto everything! But i am not really sure about all the facts, so I am excited for this learning opportunity.

Kimberly Y: I start with whole wheat bread, drizzled with butter or flax seed oil, honey, and then heavily sprinkled with cinnamon. Toast, lying flat, until golden brown. Also, stirring hot chocolate with a cinnamon stick really gives it a delicious taste- YUM!!! But my favorite way is by adding cinnamon to breakfast cereal to help start my day a little healthier, and it makes the cereal a lot better, especially oatmeal or rice.

Congrats you two, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, and please contact michelle at spaweekmedia dot com within 3 business days to redeem your prize!