It speaks volumes of Dashama, Spa Week’s Joyology Expert, that her Spa Week Daily Health Challenge requires you just to HUG PEOPLE! Have you RSVP’d to hug it out every day this holiday season? There’s no sweeter way to bring health and happiness to yourself and others than a nice, warm embrace. In the one-name ranks of Madonna and Rihanna, this warm, inspiring ball of love known as Dashama is an internationally known Yoga Teacher, Author, Healer and Healthy Lifestyle Coach. She’s the founder of the Global 30 Day Yoga ChallengeJourney to Joyful TVPerfect 10 Lifestyle and Pranashama Yoga Institute; an innovator in the field of yoga, mind/body transformation and healing.

And speaking of transformation and healing, let’s begin right here with Dashama’s wise words to find your everyday journey to joyful.

Now, join the hug revolution!