For what’s always one of the most memorable nights of the year, last night the Spa Week team had our annual company holiday dinner party! Our CEO Cheryl Reid always picks a famously delicious restaurant in the touristy midtown area so that we can marvel at the exalted Rockefeller Christmas Tree or some other must-see NYC holiday destination. This year we headed up to The Sea Grill inside Rockefeller Center, with a view right onto that most famous ice skating rink.

We enjoyed an evening filled with crab cakes (the kind with 95% crab!), steaks, decadent desserts and many refills on our bubbly, wine and key lime martinis. It was also an evening filled with girl talk, as we somehow got onto the topic of how the married folks among us got proposed to.

Without naming names, I will tell you what we learned about three our fellow ring-wearing Spa Week colleagues:

PROPOSAL #1: One of us got proposed to on a romantic horse-drawn carriage in New York’s Central Park. But the only problem – this girl happens to be a crime show junkie and kept pointing out the parts of the park where people got raped and murdered. As the ride was coming to an end, her now-hubby finally interjected: Can you PLEASE stop talking about death, I’m trying to propose to you!

PROPOSAL #2: One of us was watching an awards show, gushing over the gorgeous dresses. While sitting on the couch, she saw her boyfriend trying to get her attention out of the corner of her eye. She ignored him (why is he being so weird?) and continued to comment about how stunning one particular celebrity on the red carpet was. Turns out, he was trying to show her that he was holding an engagement ring.

PROPOSAL #3: One of us had been dating her boyfriend for a while, and they suddenly felt it was time they finally make things official. With no formal proposal, the two secretly escaped to Canada… and eloped! And lived happily ever after.

And in the middle of this juicy conversation, we turned to the ice rink and saw PROPOSAL #4… everyone crowded around the middle of the rink – someone was getting proposed to right then and there! And it happened again for ANOTHER couple (PROPOSAL #5?) during dessert too. Now that’s what I call getting ICE!

Even with a dinner table of mostly single women who just work together, it was the most romantic evening we could have hoped for in a holiday party. Check out some pictures from our love-struck evening.

And those 95%-crab crab cakes… YUM.