Happy first night of Hanukkah, my fellow latke-loving, dreidel-spinning, gelt-indulging friends! When the sun dips down this evening, we’ll kick off those eight infamously crazy nights; the beautiful, celebratory Festival of Lights.

Uh oh, what’s that you say? No lights for your festival? Did you forget your MENORAH!? If you’re anything like me: a nice Jewish girl who just happens to not have a menorah around her apartment, yet is drowning in scented candles, let’s join hands and do this together:

The Aromatherapy Menorah.

I hope my rabbi isn’t reading this right now. But with no disrespect to the Jewish traditions I loved growing up with, I have decided that this year I will put my large collection of sweet, musky, cinnamon, lavender, and other such delicious-smelling candles to good use, bend the rules of Hanukkah, and make my own little Festival of Lights.

I’ll designate one large candle as the Shamas to be lit every night, and night by night, I’ll say my Baruch-ata-adonai and add a small candle to the aromatherapy mix. My apartment is soon to smell like an unidentifiable jumble of Hanukkah goodness. A miracle indeed. Malin+Goetz, Diptyque, Bond St… welcome to The Tribe.
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