When you can still count your age on your fingers, Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever gifty holiday you celebrate is all about getting. So much so, that ANY gift a little one gives around holiday time becomes the most heartwarming gesture on earth. Pottery projects = treasures to last a lifetime! Getting serenaded by your four year old? It may as well be Michael Buble! We wanted to know what’s warmed your heart over the years. Children who can read, are you taking notes? It doesn’t take much to make your mommy feel like the luckiest woman alive. (And when in doubt, you know she’ll REALLY love a Spa & Wellness Gift Card.)

We asked some of our mamas in the Hot Mom Spa Squad:

“What is the most thoughtful/creative gift your kid ever gave you?”

Ellen of Love The Max said:

When Max was 7, he brought a purple-mache heart home from school that he’d made for me. Max has cerebral palsy and has challenges using his hands; basically, anything he makes for me is amazing! But this heart was really special. It’s sat on the kitchen counter ever since.

Ava Roxanne of My Skin Concierge said:

My teen daughter and I recently took a shopping trip to New York City. As I was about to take a photo in front of the gorgeous Christmas tree in our hotel, I had an amazing realization. I was not having to remind her to smile as I usually do when I am about to take a photo. She was already smiling! Whether it was because her braces were now off or the yummy s’mores and cocoa or due to the amazing experience we were having that weekend, it did not matter. They say a smile can light up a room. Well, a child’s smile can light up a mom’s heart! It will undoubtedly be my best gift from her for a very long time!

Alicia of Mommy Delicious said:

My son is four years old so he doesn’t yet understand the concept of gift-giving. He knows that he’ll receive something on his birthday and on Christmas, but he’s not old enough to plan a gift for me. That being said, the most thoughtful thing that he has done for me came in the form of singing me a song. One day when I was not feeling well, he said to me, “Mommy, I will sing you a song and then you will feel all better.” He then proceeded to sing me a song. Afterwards he gave me a hug and kiss and said, “See, now you feel all better.” And you know what? I DID feel better, maybe not physically, but certainly emotionally. It was just so kind and sweet of Aiden. And I love him for that.

Candice of Mom Most Traveled said:

Because we travel a lot, and live in a small space, I have always focused my gift giving on experiential things rather than material things.  My children are very young, but I love it when they come up with ideas of things for us to do together. Most recently I took my younger son for a hair cut and on the way home, he suggested we stop and eat a snack in the park. A beautiful, spur of the moment memory.

Lastly, I’d like to feature my very own hot mom, @Best_Mom_Ever!

This gift is from back in the day, when anything I made in school got put on the walls or displayed in the living room. (Well, let’s face it – if I still made stuff, it’d still go up.) But there was one particular gift I made for her in FIRST GRADE that held so much sentimental value – and trash! – that she still uses it next to her bed to this day. It’s a garbage pail made of stiff paper, spray painted around stencil tulips, and it looks like this. When it comes to gifts from your child, nothing goes to waste – not even wastebaskets. “I really love it so much.” she insists. Love you too, mom – and get ready for a gift this season that’s even more functional!

Images via NY Metro Parents and Tumblr