The Little Luxury: Kanshi Instantly Refreshing Foot Spray

Relationship status: Boot Buddies

How we met: After work I try to make it over to the gym to blow off some steam. Usually I slip off my leather boots and right into my sneaks – but the other day I noticed that my feet and ankles were a little swollen and, I am ashamed to say, a little smelly.  Not like your dad’s-work-boots-stinky, but more like I-wear-these-boots-everyday-stinky. I told a friend about my embarrassing observation and she recommended I find a foot spray that could freshen up my footsies in between work and the gym. That’s when I found Kanshi’s Instantly Refreshing Foot Spray.

To use: Hold the bottle 10-12 inches away from your foot. Give the nozzle a quick pump and spritz two-three times on the top and bottom. Let air dry.

How it works: After a good misting, my feet felt instantly revitalized and ready for my gym session. The refreshing formula is infused with triple mint to instantly perk up your pieds (that’s feet, in French). And, it has Horse Chestnut extract that helps to improve circulation. No more swollen feet!

Best of all… It ALSO has Lemon Myrtle that provides natural anti-microbial benefits. So feel free to spritz on your feet before you take your shoes off.

It might just be me but… I like to spritz a bit in my shoe to fight any lingering odors in my sneaks/boots plus the anti-microbial affect makes me feel better about myself and my shoes.

What’s more… It’s only $10! Hello stocking-stuffer (Get it?…stockings…feet…).

It might just be me (again) but… I tried spritzing this on my face as an impromptu toner, and I really liked the way it felt! It helped to set my mineral make-up too and it totally assisted in relieving my mini morning hangover when I misted it on my face to cool my hot, dehydrated skin after a long night out.

Hot Stone Scale (1-6): 6

This Little Luxury Report was brought to you by: Stephanie Cavataro