Where has the time gone!? Suddenly we are being thrown into the year of the apocalypse, a year where iPhone apps may completely eradicate personal trainers, yet beauty trends are reminiscent of every decade since the 1920s.

Thinking back on how the times have changed from then till now, when our friends over at the Las Vegas Hilton told us they’re throwing their 2nd Annual Old School New Year’s Eve Party with 105.7 The Oasis this year, we were inspired. Their party is complete with old-school music, dancing, party favors and a champagne toast at midnight, and we thought: what would you be doing/thinking/wearing this year if it wasn’t 2012? If it was ’91, ’83, ’98? Here’s what you’d be up to (and what you’d be regretting come 2012):

Your New Year’s Resolution, 1991: Get a Thighmaster

Many thanks to Suzanne Somers and her buns of steel on infomercials that dominated the early nineties, your weightloss resolution this year would have been to bust a move with your very own ThighMaster.

Your New Year’s Midnight Kiss, 1983: Orange Lipstick
(with Matching Eyeshadow)

You’d be dancing in your legwarmers to Every Breath You Take by The Police (not Lauryn Hill) and rocking out to Billie Jean, complete with bright orange lips and orange eyeshadow to match.

Your Boyfriend’s New Year’s Eve Hairstyle, 1997: BLEACHED

It’s tearin’ up my heart when I’m with you! If we were ringing in 1997 this year, we’d be crooning along to N’Sync, and we would actually think our me looked sexy after their decision to bleach their entire head whitish-blond. Thankfully this phased out by the 21st century as we all realized how positively painful it was to look at.

Your New Year’s Eve Day, 2000: Prepping for Y2K (with your Saddle Bag)

Whether it was real or fake, the Dior Saddle bag carried your stuff as you ran around to grocery stores, pharmacies and liquor stores, preparing for the end of the world as we know it. Y2K didn’t exactly happen as expected, but at least you had your saddle bag.

Your Favorite New Year’s Eve Cardio, 1998: Cotton Eye Joe

In ’94, the Swedish band Rednex re-wrote the southern line dance that dates back all the way to pre-Civil War times. A couple years later it hit the States, and began to take over American dance floors in a big way in ’97. By New Year’s Eve of ’98, there wasn’t one New Year’s Eve party that didn’t giddy up, grab their partner and dance the Cotton Eye Joe. Where did you come from, where did you go!?

Your New Year’s Resolution, 1993: The Atkins Diet

Created by Dr. Robert C Atkins in the 60s, the no-carb, high-protein “New Diet Revolution” made a resurgence in the early 90s as the fad weight loss tactic of the decade and beyond. It worked wonders for some, but for many, the second that first piece of pita bread hit their lips, they gained back every single pound. If this were New Year’s 93 there’s a very good chance you’d be resolving to live on steak and eggs for the rest of your life.

Your hair, New Year’s Eve 1988: ABSURD

What may be your hangover morning hair in 2012 was the hottest style on earth back in the 80s hair band era. ’88 was the year the movie Hairspray was released, and the 60s-based movie was a further reminder to keep the hair spray going strong. Morgan Fairchild epitomizes the decade with her teased tresses, and the style didn’t fall flat until the mid nineties. Thank goodness for Jennifer Aniston!

If you’re going to Vegas for New Year’s Eve, check out the old school party and let us know how it is – tickets are only $49 and dinner packages are also available.

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And remember…