After Michelle told me (Stephanie) about her 2011 New Year’s resolution a few months ago, it reminded me that I never actually made a resolution last January. The thought made me feel sort of guilty and unapologetic all at the same time. I mean, just like everyone else, I wanted to stay on track with my health and wellness goals in 2011 by eating right and trying to lose weight – but I didn’t really define my resolution in one neat, catch phrase of affirmation. Maybe because I think it’s all a little – I don’t know – contrived?

I can only seriously remember one resolution I ever made and it was in high school when I vowed to stop biting my nails (but only because I wanted to have long nails in time for summer volleyball camp so I could fit in with all of the other girls who always had cool, funky nail polish and not because it was bad for me or gross etc.) That resolution didn’t even last ‘til Valentine’s Day and I went to camp with my shameful bitten-down-to-the-quick nubs, per the usual.
I can’t think of any other past resolutions because I simply don’t like the idea of making and/or keeping them for a whole year. A year is so long! What if you change your mind half way through?  What if you don’t like your resolution anymore? Does that make you a failure? Do you have to announce to the world that you failed your New Year’s resolution? I guess the other reason I never made any substantial resolutions is because, being a jock my whole life, sometimes it’s hard for me to stick to plans or routines if I don’t have anyone else holding me accountable, like a coach or a teammate. If it’s just me on my own in my own head – I might just convenience myself to ditch the plan all together and grab a Diet Coke because, hey, no one is there to say otherwise. (However, my Diet Coke cravings have been seriously curbed ever since Joy Bauer’s 2-week Ditch Soda Challenge – and if you know me on a personal level, you’d be astonished I just admitted that out loud. I was a Diet Coke addict.)
So, when I got an email from my friends over at My Spa Water inviting me to join their Nationwide Drink Right America 90 Day Water Challenge, I was instantly optimistic. Drink water and ONLY water for 90 days. Here’s a promise I can make to myself, with minimal angst or self-doubt and without the self-loathing that comes with failing. This I can do – and if I fall off the horse – I’ll just pick myself back up and keep on truckin’ (I love clichés, obviously).
The first thing you have to do if you, too, want to join the challenge, is seriously consider the gravity of abolishing all other beverages from your glass, except water. After you’ve thoroughly pondered these potentially life-altering aspects (e.g: caffeine withdrawal, weight-loss, uncontrollable soda-cravings, etc.) then you should RSVP on My Spa Water’s Facebook page. Then, my suggestion is to grab a water filter and a reusable water bottle/thermos, like this one from My Spa Water (which was included in Spa Week’s Fall 2011 Media Bag) and get stocked up on as much H20 as possible! Ban temptation and have some self-discipline for the betterment of your mind, body and spirit.

How will you be ringing in the New Year? What will your resolution be? Could you only drink water for 90 days? Tell us!

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