Is your New Year’s Resolution to get healthy and fit in 2012? Lose 15 pounds? Haven’t taken the first step yet? You can do this, and we’re here for you! In order to help you get on track with your fitness and weight-loss goals, Spa Week’s weekly flash deal site has partnered with Crunch Gym to give New Yorkers the incentives they need to look and feel healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

For the first time ever, Crunch is sponsoring TheRightDeal’s free gift for the entire month of January. Each Wednesday, a new deal goes live on (there’s only 250 available and the deal only lasts till Friday at 9am or until it sells out – whichever comes first). You can expect to see anything from massages, mani/pedi packages, waxing, facials and more! Along with every deal purchase, visitors receive a free gift. We’re so happy to announce that for all of January, everyone who snags a deal will receive a FREE 1-week pass to any Crunch in the NYC area (a $70 value). The best part about Crunch sponsoring the entire month is that if you miss this week’s deal you have three more chances to score a week-long pass and luxurious spa treatments at up to 90% off.

I had the chance to visit Crunch’s Union Square location this week, snap some pics and meet the staff. Everyone at Crunch is super knowledgeable and very friendly. I was greeted by Sean at the front desk (who pronounced my very Italian last name correctly on the first try – brownie points!) He politely took my name with a smile and introduced me to my guide-to-be, Arthur.
With a welcoming, come-on-over-wave, we waltzed through the large two-story space, exploring all of segmented areas carved out into chic nooks, colorful stations and matted areas – each section had the perfect balance of just enough privacy and ample space to really get your sweat on without everyone staring at you or being all crowded and claustrophobic. Arthur boasted that the their location’s group class schedule was one of the best in the city with classes like Hot Yoga, X-Pole Dancing, Zumba, Ab Attack, Mile High Club and more.

From left: Sean, Tara, Arthur and Andrew of Crunch Union Square

Then I was introduced to Tara, the location’s General Manager. She is just as nice as she is totally toned (I can’t wait to pick her brain for some great free-weight moves to get her killer arms)!  I am so looking forward to going back and trying a class – check out their class schedule – which one should I take? Which would you take?